Adult Comorbidity Evaluation-27 (ACE-27)


To evaluate comorbidity in a patient with cancer using the Adult Comorbidity Evaluation-27 (ACE-27) of Bang et al.


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comorbid conditions


A06.4, A52.1, A81.0, B15-B19, B20-B24, B33.8, B37.8, B56, B57, B94.2, C00-C14, C15-C26, C30-C39, C40-C41, C43-C44, C45-C49, C50-C50, C51-C58, C60-C63, C64-C68, C69-C72, C73-C75, C76-C80, C81-C96, C97-C97, D00-D09, D37-D48, E01, E03, E10-E14, E52, E53.8, E66, E75, E83.0, E83.5, F00, F01, F02, F03, F10-F19, F20, F30-F39, G10, G20, G21, G30, G31.0, G35, G40, G70-G73, G80-G83, I10-I15, I20-I25, I44, I45, I47, I48, I49, I50.0, I60, I61, I63, I64, I70, I71, I72, I73, I80, I81, I82, I83, I84, I85, I86, I87, J40-J47, J60-J70, J80-J84, J85-J86, J90-J94, J95-J99, K25, K26, K27, K28, K50-K52, K70-K77, K85, K86, K90, M30-M36, N17-N19, O08.7, O22, O26.6, O87, O99.3, P00.8, P35.3, P78.8, T36-T50, T51-T65, X60-X84, Z20.5, Z22.5, Z95



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