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Confirm diagnosis and improve efficiency

Education Benefits:

◈  Support your healthcare research and teaching
◈  Integrate eLearning and automated analytics into your assignments
◈  Simulate different outcomes of data changes

Consult Evidence Report:

◈  Select applicable analytics
◈  Enter patient data
◈  Generate Consult Evidence Report and submit to payor

Provider Benefits:

◈  Support for diagnosis and treatment
◈  Accelerate payment and pre-approval
◈  Increase patient satisfaction

Payer Benefits:

◈  Diagnosis confirmation
◈  Identify conditions from available data
◈  Validate requested reimbursements

How It Works

Our clinical calculators and decision support tools serve the needs of healthcare systems and insurance companies, covering a broad range of diagnostics, treatment, and readmission predictors.

Evidence-Based Reports
Aid Payers

◈  Confirm diagnosis
◈  Expedite prior authorizations
◈  Facilitate payment
◈  Reduce fraud

Reliable, Peer-Reviewed Analytics

◈  Reduce liability with gold-standard, evidence to support clinical decisions
◈  Authoritative documentation and references included
◈  Standardize care delivery across health systems

Understand Big Data

◈  Exact valuable information from huge volumes of data
◈  Integrate analytics into revenue-cycle systems


Medical Analytics

Support and confirm work

Consult Evidence Report

Document your results:
◈  Reduce errors and support your findings
◈  Confirm medical necessity
◈  Support prior authorizations and accelerate payments


Use any of 40 Packs to cover an entire specialty

My Paths

Define sequence of your analytics for repeated uses


Store and email your results


Shows over 100 use cases and applications

API and iFrame

Connect analytics to your system work flow

See a presentation on our cooperation with Perspecta on APIs applied to Guideline automation

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