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The Medical Algorithms Company supports providers and payers with analytics and documentation for evidence-based medical practice. Our platform supplies over 22,000 tested medical calculators and analytic risk scores. All specialties are covered.

We developed the predictive analytics from scientific studies published in professional journals. They have been peer reviewed by qualified professionals, considered the gold standard of medical knowledge. We cover a broad range of clinical decision supports: medical diagnosis and treatment, management and administration as well as risk evaluation and scoring.

Access to our medical evidence base is available on the web, through iOS and Android apps and by API. API access offers direct integration of our automated analytics with any organization, EHR or workstation.

Provider organizations and medical professionals use our predictive algorithms to support diagnosis on a specific condition and to evaluate health risks quickly. Automated report generation supports EBP documentation for internal and payer requirements.

Telehealth gains access to automated diagnostics and predictive analytics for all common conditions and a vast number of rare diseases. Practitioners find analytics for potential conditions online and can support their evaluation of patient health risk instantaneously.

Payer organizations and health insurance use our medical analytics to request evidence-based confirmations. Payers request the evidence-based information and the provider generates and returns the report to the insurance company.

Medical data companies and EHR-system providers can integrate with our predictive analytics. We have hundreds of EHR-data driven analytics; additionally we have thousands of analytics driven by physician evaluation for a very broad range of specialties and conditions.

Our mission is to support your with evidence-based medical analytics to improve clinical practice and health economics. We empower providers and payers with reliable results for their evidence-based practice in real-time and at a very low cost.

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