Are you trying to assess the risk that a patient will not comply with the treatment regimen?

Have there been frequent changes made to the patient's drug regimens?

Does the patient or caregiver?

• understand the prescribing instructions?

• have more than 1 health care provider prescribing medications?

• have difficulty in reading or comprehending the written instructions?

• show signs of forgetfulness or confusion?

• show denial of the illness or its significance?

• feel anger about the illness?

• show signs of apathy or significant depression?

• express little faith in the effectiveness of the medication?

• notice a reduction or disappearance in bothersome disease symptoms?

• express overconcern about the safety of the medication or express fear of becoming addicted?

• have financial problems making it difficult to afford medication?

• have physical difficulties limiting access to the medication?

• have physical difficulties in taking the medication?

• show an inability to distinguish colors or identifying markings on the medications?

• have a history of noncompliance with regimens in the past?

• have problems with required assistance in the home environment?

• have problems with concurrent substance abuse?

• think that the medication is causing one or more adverse side effects?

• have little confidence in health care providers?

• had little education about the illness or the need for the medication?

• have no or little family or social support?

• feel under a great deal of stress?

Does the therapeutic regimen?

• seem complex for the patient, with multiple drugs and/or frequent administrations?

• require an unpleasant means of administration, such as injections?

• involve drugs with similar appearances or names?

• involve drugs with unpleasant taste or smell?

• involve inconvenient or restrictive precautions?

• involve small or difficult to handle medications?


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