Mana et al listed findings that can be used to assess disease activity in sarcoidosis. The authors are from the University of Barcelona in Spain.

Clinical findings:

(1) erythema nodosum or skin granulomas

(2) polyarthralgia or polyarthritis

(3) respiratory symptoms (cough, dyspnea)

(4) fever

(5) uveitis

(6) hepatosplenomegaly

(7) parotid enlargement

(8) upper respiratory tract involvement

(9) neurologic symptoms


Laboratory findings:

(1) elevated serum angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) concentration

(2) elevated serum calcium (> 10.5 mg/dL, or 2.62 mmol/L)


Imaging findings:

(1) mediastinal lymphadenopathy

(2) pulmonary infiltration

(3) increased liver uptake on gallium-67 scan


Other findings:

(1) positive Kveim test

(2) lymphocytic alveolitis (increased lymphocytes in bronchoalveolar lavage)

(3) decreased forced vital capacity (< 80% of predicted)

(4) decreased carbon monoxide diffusing capacity (< 80% of predicted)


Disease activity can be assessed based on change in any of the listed criteria.

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