Are you evaluating a patient with liver disease or a disease of unknown etiology?

Does the patient have?

• hepatosplenomegaly of unknown etiology?

• unexplained elevations in liver function tests?

• ascites of unknown etiology?

• a space occupying lesion in the liver suspicious for malignancy?

• fever of unknown etiology?

• intrahepatic cholestasis?

• alcoholic liver disease requiring staging?

• chronic viral hepatitis requiring staging?

• drug-related hepatitis?

• atypical hepatitis?

• autoimmune hepatitis?

• nonalcoholic steatosis?

• hemochromatosis?

• Wilson's disease?

• a liver transplant?

• a severe coagulopathy?

• massive ascites?

• morbid obesity?

• a possible hemangioma or vascular tumor of the liver?

• cancer or lymphoma requiring staging?

• an abdominal mass in addition to the liver disease?

• a peritoneal infection other than peritonitis?

• Has a previous attempt at a percutaneous liver biopsy failed?

Does the patient need hepatic venography or ancillary vascular procedure?


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