Are you evaluating a patient with a severe liver disease?

Does the patient have severe liver disease associated with?

• viral hepatitis?

• autoimmune chronic hepatitis?

• fulminant hepatitis?

• nonalcoholic steatohepatitis?

• drug-induced hepatitis?

• toxin-induced hepatitis?

• alcoholic (Laennec's) cirrhosis?

• primary biliary cirrhosis?

• cryptogenic cirrhosis?

• primary sclerosing cholangitis?

• postoperative biliary tract injury or disease?

• congenital biliary atresia?

• Wilson's disease?

• hemochromatosis?

• alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency?

• protoporphyria?

• an inborn error of metabolism resulting in cirrhosis?

• a hepatoma that is small and solitary?

• a hepatoblastoma?

• any other malignant tumor in the liver that is nonmetastatic and amenable to the surgery?

• a benign tumor sufficiently replacing the liver?

• Budd-Chiari syndrome?

• Reye's syndrome?


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