Does the patient have the sepsis syndrome?

Are blood cultures positive for a bacterial pathogen or Candida species?

Was the patient treated with antibiotics prior to the onset of sepsis?

Body temperature

APACHE II score at onset of sepsis

Is mechanical ventilation required to maintain oxygenation?

Oxygen fraction of inspired air (FIO2) as a fraction from 0.21 to 1.00


cm H2O

Lung injury score

Right ventricular filling pressure

mm Hg

Left ventricular filling pressure

mm Hg

Cardiac index


Is cardiac tamponade present?

Is significant pulmonary embolization present?

Does the patient have left or right ventricular failure?

Has the patient had a myocardial infarction after onset of sepsis?

Has the patient had severe arrhythmias after the onset of sepsis?

Serum creatinine

Did the patient have pre-existing renal disease?

Serum creatinine at admission

Has the patient had significant bleeding from the upper GI tract confirmed by endoscopy or surgical exploration?

Number of red cell products transfused because of GI bleeding


Does the patient have a perforated stress ulcer?

Does the patient have alcalculous cholecystitis?

Serum total bilirubin


Upper limit of normal for AST


Upper limit of normal for ALT


Upper limit of normal for LDH

Is the patient showing spontaneous bleeding from at least 2 body sites?

Platelet count

Is the patient's blood positive for fibrin degradation products?


Glasgow coma score (enter from 3 to 15)


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