Are you reviewing the drugs being administered to an elderly patient?

Is the patient being treated with?

• amitriptyline?

• an antihistamine being used for cough, cold or hypnotic?

• barbiturates for a reason other than to control seizures?

• benzodiazepine, long-acting?

• chlorpropamide?

• dipyridamole?

• disopyramide?

• doxepin?

• ergot compounds?

• gastrointestinal antispasmodic agent?

• indomethacin?

• mepreridine (Demerol)?

• meprobamate?

• methyldopa?

• muscle relaxant or antispasmodic agent?

• pentazocine (Talwin)?

• phenylbutazone?

• propoxyphene (alone or in combination)?

• reserpine?

• ticlopidine?

• trimethobenzamide?

Are any of the following being used at doses higher-than-recommended?

• benzodiazepines, short or intermediate-acting?

• digoxin being used for a reason other than the control of an atrial arrhythmia?

• diphenhydramine being used to treat or prevent allergic reactions?

• iron supplements?


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