Age of patient


Enter age in months


Does the patient have ?

• apnea?

• tachypnea?

• bradycardia?

• wheezing?

• rhonchi?

• cough?

• have rales on physical examination?

• dullness to percussion on physical examination?

Does the chest X-ray show ?

• a new or progressive infiltrate?

• consolidation?

• cavitation?

• a pleural effusion?

Is there ?

• a new onset of purulent sputum?

• a change in character of sputum?

• an increased production of respiratory secretions?

• a pathogen isolated from blood culture?

• a pathogen isolated from transtracheal aspirate, bronchial brushing or lung biopsy?

• a virus isolated from respiratory secretions?

• the presence of pathogenic viral antigens in respiratory secretions?

• a diagnostic IgM antibody titer?

• a fourfold increase in IgG antibody titer?

• histopathologic evidence of pneumonia?


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