Are you evaluating a patient for clinical features seen with measles?

Did the patient have a prodrome with?

• fever (up to 40.5°C)?

• cough?

• coryza?

• conjunctivitis?

Did the patient develop within a few days of symptom onset?

• Koplik's spots on the oral mucosa, palate and conjunctiva?

• a maculopapular rash starting on the face and neck, then involving the trunk?

• spread of the rash onto the extremities after a few days?

• confluence in the rash on the face, neck and trunk after a few days?

After the onset of the rash did the patient develop?

• iridocyclitis with photophobia?

• a sore throat?

• headache?

• abdominal pain?

• generalized lymphadenopathy?

• skin desquamation during recovery?


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