Measles can be a serious infection in patients impaired immunity or with comorbid conditions.


Pathogenesis of complications:

(1) direct viral infection

(2) secondary bacterial or fungal infection

(3) pre-existing malnutrition, vitamin A deficiency or other comorbid conditions


Major complications in measles:

(1) viral pneumonia with or without secondary bacterial pneumonia

(2) tracheobronchitis which may range from croup to necrotizing tracheitis

(3) viral gastroenteritis with diarrhea, malnutrition and dehydration

(4) viral encephalitis

(5) otitis media with or without mastoiditis

(6) severe stomatitis and ulcerations with or without secondary bacterial or yeast infection

(7) xerophthalmia with corneal clouding, ulceration, secondary bacterial infection and blindness


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