Improve Service and Telehealth with Medical Analytics

The Medical Algorithms Company provides access to a massive resource of clinical analytics, which are valuable for telehealth providers and retail pharmacy services. Each analytic is classified by ICD-10 codes and bolstered by a sophisticated browsing system for identifying additional relevant analytics. Many calculators are specific to individual patients’ gender, age and other relevant criteria, allowing for rapid diagnosis of common acute conditions.

Our medical calculators include online analytics complete with author references, informative documentation, and interpretation guidelines of the results. All our analytics are from evidence-based and peer-reviewed scientific research by practicing clinicians and research organizations.

Combine Pharmaceutical Knowledge with Diagnostic Analytics

By supplementing professional judgment with diagnostic analytics, pharmacists can get instantaneous decision support on a broad range of conditions. Predictive medical analytics are particularly suited to telehealth providers.

Sample Calculators

Telehealth can use medical calculators to evaluate effectiveness and use of drugs on a patient’s quality of life. A few sample calculators that can be used for these purposes are listed below.


medal descover
medal iphone