A professional and easy solution to help you save time and increase productivity:

  • Generate a Consult Report from any analysis you complete
  • Document your evaluation and analysis: save a copy of the Consult Report
  • Email Consult Report: share with consulting physician(s) or send to any address
  • Telemedicine consults: send your assessment with Consult Report to primary physician
  • Reimbursements: provide documentation with claims for quicker coverage/ reimbursement from payers
  • Case Managers/Social Workers: increase productivity by facilitating in-patient care approvals by payers
  • Home Health: substantiate claims and speed up insurance company approval and reimbursement for treatment and essential home health products
  • Education and testing: educate medical students and residents with evidence-based medicine analytics


What is a Consult Report?
A time-stamped, ready-to-submit document containing your complete evaluation and results, substantiated with evidence-based references and all related information.

Create a Consult Report
Choose the option, “Consult Report” after entering your evaluation data and calculating results. Assign 1 to 5 characters as a patient identifier.

Send Consult Reports
Reports can be displayed, printed, emailed, or exported as a PDF document. Multiple consult reports can be included in the same document. The PDF document can be used to add the patient name and modify or add any other information that may be required before submission to payers. The physician can authenticate the Consult Report with a signature at the bottom of the form.

When emailing the Consult Report, be sure to check your spam folder if it does not show up in your inbox right away. Add our email address to your whitelist to assure Consult Reports are never sent to spam.

Share Your Feedback
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