Millions of people live in regions at known risk for a natural disaster, such as volcanic eruption, earthquake or hurricaine. There are several reasons why they may continue to live there.


Reasons a person may stay in an area of known environmental risk:

(1) The location offers good economic conditions (fertile soil, major harbor, etc).

(2) The location has a pleasant lifestyle.

(3) The risk of danger seems remote (nothing has happened for a long time).

(4) The person denies, underestimates or misunderstands the risk.

(5) The person has always lived there so takes the risk for granted.

(6) The person does not have alternatives (limited choices).

(7) The person believes in his or her abilities to get away in time.

(8) The person enjoys risk taking.

(9) All of the person's family and friends live there.

(10) The person is unable to leave because of health, age or responsibilities.


The more of these factors that are present, the more likely the person will stay despite the risk.


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