Vulvodynia is associated with chronic vuvlar pain that can be severe and functionally disabling. A woman with vulvodynia should be questioned about her quality of life (QOL).


A woman with vulvodynia should have her quality of life evaluated if:

(1) she is younger

(2) she is depressed or feels angry

(3) she expresses frustration about persistent symptoms or treatment failures

(4) she is having difficulty functioning at work

(5) she is having difficulty engaging in her hobbies and leisure time activities

(6) she is having difficulty being intimate with her partner

(7) she is having difficulty engaging in social activities or feels lonely or isolated

(8) she is worried about her health or her relationships


A woman's quality of life may be significantly impaired by vulvodynia. If some of the above features are present then a more complete assessment of the woman's quality of life should be made and monitored over time.


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