Pharmaceutical supplies are produced all over the world. This gives criminals and unscrupulous people an opportunity to counterfeit drugs and chemicals.


When to be cautious when buying supplies used to make pharmaceuticals:

(1) The source is new or unknown, especially if found on the Internet.

(2) An unsolicited sales offer is received from an unknown source.

(3) The source has a history of selling suspect products.

(4) The source is unable or unwilling to provide a complete transaction history for a product.

(5) A transaction history that is provided is incomplete, is suspicious or has misspelled words.

(6) The product has a history of being counterfeited in the past.

(7) The product is in high demand or in short supply.

(8) The price for the product is too low.

(9) The product labeling is suspicious or unusual in any way, including missing details.

(10) The product packaging is suspicious (missing information, has broken seals, etc).

(11) The contents differs in any way from what was expected.


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