A patient with an iliostomy or colostomy should contact the physician or ostomy nurse if certain findings are present.


Stomal changes:

(1) an unusual change in the stoma size and appearance

(2) obstruction at the stoma

(3) prolapse at the stoma

(4) severe injury or a deep cut in the stoma

(5) a deep ulcer

(6) severe or unusual odor lasting more than a week


Changes in the adjacent skin:

(1) continuous bleeding at the junction between the skin and the stoma

(2) severe skin irritation adjacent to the stoma


Features of output:

(1) severe watery discharge lasting more than 6 hours

(2) no output for more than 6 hours accompanied by nausea or cramping

(3) excessive bleeding from the stoma opening

(4) moderate blood in the pouch in several emptyings (and not eating beets)


General symptoms:

(1) severe cramps that last more than 3 hours

(2) continuous nausea and vomiting

(3) abdominal pain after introducing an irrigation catheter into the stoma


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