Rondina et al developed a weight-based dosing equation for enoxaparin to be used in morbidly obese patients in need of thromboprophylaxis. The authors are from the University of Utah.


Patient selection: morbidly obese patient in need of thromboprophylaxis with body mass index (BMI) >= 35 kg per square meter


Exclusions (contraindications):

(1) pregnancy

(2) estimated creatinine clearance < 30 mL per minute

(3) active bleeding

(4) thrombocytopenia with platelet count < 100,000 per µL

(5) bleeding disorder

(6) already receiving anticoagulation

(7) had stroke within the past 14 days

(8) had trauma or surgery within the past 14 days


dose of enoxaparin in mg =

= (body weight in kilograms) / 2


The dose was not capped and was rounded to the nearest 5 mg unit.


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