Once the decision has been made to store and to distribute expressed breast milk, then steps need to be taken to ensure that the right milk goes to the right infant. While the risk to an infant of ingesting milk from another woman is low, there still is some risk and it can be disturbing to the family.


Ways to make sure that a container of expressed breast milk (maternal or donor banked) goes to the correct infant:

(1) clear labeling of all expressed breast milk containers, preferably with bar coding and a unique identifier

(2) method to separate milk from different sources in distribution and storage

(3) avoiding entry into a container to aliquot contents

(4) tracking log of receipt, distribution and release

(5) identification bands on infants, preferably with bar coding

(6) protocol for release of stored milk containers

(7) protocol to confirm information prior to feeding, including a check by 2 separate nurses (double checking)

(8) quality measure to detect and report errors

(9) proper training of all persons involved in the handling of stored breast milk


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