The Vittel Triage Criteria is an algorithm used in France for prehospital triage of trauma patients.

A patient is referred to a trauma center if any of the following are identified.


Groups of clinical findings:

(1) physiological signs

(2) global assessment of speed and mechanism

(3) anatomical injuries

(4) resuscitation

(5) medical history


Physiological signs:

(1) Glasgow coma score <= 12

(2) systolic arterial pressure < 90 mm Hg

(3) SpO2 < 90%


Global assessment of speed and mechanism:

(1) ejection from vehicle

(2) death in same passenger compartment

(3) fall > 6 meters

(4) victim thrown or projected

(5) blast

(6) global assessment based on vehicle deformation, estimated speed, no seat belt, no helmet


Anatomical injuries:

(1) penetrating trauma of head, neck, thorax, abdomen, arms or legs

(2) flail chest

(3) severe burn

(4) pelvic fracture

(5) suspicion of medullar (spinal cord) injury

(6) amputation at or above wrist or ankle level

(7) acute limb ischemia



(1) need for assisted ventilation

(2) volume load > 1,000 mL colloids

(3) vasopressor required

(4) need for shock trousers


Medical history:

(1) age > 65 years

(2) cardiac insufficiency or ischemic heart disease

(3) respiratory failure

(4) pregnancy in second or third trimester

(5) coagulation disorder

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