A patient with Sjogren's syndrome may develop complaints of dryness (sicca symptoms) in several organs. Involvement of the vagina is termed vaginitis sicca.


Features of vaginitis sicca:

(1) vaginal dryness

(2) dyspareunia secondary to the dryness, relieved by vaginal lubricants


Clues to Sjogren's Syndrome if presenting with vaginal dryness:

(1) symptoms and signs of xerostomia

(2) symptoms and signs of xerophthalmia

(3) symptoms of dry skin


Screening questions from the preliminary European criteria for Sjogren's Syndrome (after Bell et al):

(1) persistent, daily troublesome dry eyes for > 3 months

(2) recurrent sensation of gravel or sand in the eyes

(3) use tear substitutes > 3 times a day

(4) daily feeling of dry mouth for > 3 months

(5) recurrent or persistently swollen salivary/parotid glands as an adult

(6) frequently drink liquids when trying to swallow dry foods


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