Leiomyomas may be solitary or numerous, small or large, and located in many sites. The description can be difficult when the number of leiomyomata is large.

An attempt should be made to count the number of leiomyomata and to record the size. Above a certain number this may not be beneficial, numerous can be used with a range of sizes given.


The diameter of the leiomyoma is given in centimeters.


The volume is 4/3 * PI() * (((diameter)/2)^3)


Location may be:

(1) pedunculated within the endometrial cavity (0% intramural)

(2) submucosal with <= 50% intramural

(3) submucosal with > 50% intramural

(4) intramural, contacting the endometrium (submucosal with 100% intramural)

(5) intramural

(6) intramural, contacting the subserosa

(7) subseroasal with > 50% intramural

(8) subserosal with <= 50% intramural

(9) pedunculated on the serosal surface (0% intramural)

(10) other (parasitic)


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