Oravig (produced by Strativa) is a buccal tablet formulation of miconazole used for the treatment of oropharyngeal candidiasis.


Duration of therapy: 14 days

Dosage: one 50 mg buccal tablet per day


number to prescribe =

= 14 + (number of extra tablets for handling problems)


The tablet is placed on the maxillary gingival just above the incisor. The tablet is placed on alternative sides of the mouth (left or right) on alternative days.


Once the tablet is placed pressure is applied through the upper lip onto the tablet in order to make sure that the tablet adheres to the gingiva.


If the tablet becomes displaced within 6 hours of placement, then try to reapply it to the same site. If the tablet repeatedly becomes dislodged, then apply a new tablet to the opposite side.


The patient can eat and drink while the tablet is in placed but must be sure that the tablet is not displaced.


Do not:

(1) chew or crush tablet

(2) chew gum while the tablet is in place.


Avoid swallowing the tablet. If swallowed within 6 hours of placement, then

(1) drink a glass of water and

(2) apply another tablet


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