Orange juice products are graded according to a number of features that are scored.


(1) pasteurized juice

(2) canned juice

(3) juice from concentrate

(4) frozen concentrate

(5) reduced acid frozen concentrate

(6) canned concentrate

(7) concentrated juice for manufacturing


A product may be either sweetened or unsweetened.


Quality features that are scored:

(1) appearance

(2) coagulation (curdling)

(3) color (compared t USDA OJ 6)

(4) defects (practically free, reasonably free, present)

(5) flavor (very good, good, poor)

(6) reconstitution (if concentrate)

(7) separation on standing (settling of heavier materials resulting in a clear layer)


Analytical features:

(1) acid

(2) Brix measurement (refractometric sucrose value)

(3) Brix to acid ratio

(4) recoverable oil



(1) A

(2) B

(3) substandard


Grade A juice shows:

(1) no coagulation

(2) good color

(3) practically free from defects

(4) very good flavor

(5) low recoverable oil

(6) Brix and acid values within range for specified product Grade

(7) Brix to acid ratio withing range for specified product Grade

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