The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published criteria for grading apple juice.

Types of apple juice:

(1) fresh

(2) processed

(3) frozen concentrate


Grades of frozen concentrate apple juice:

(1) Grade A (Fancy)

(2) Grade B (Choice)

(3) substandard


Determination of grade depends on

(1) color and clarity (from 0 to 20)

(2) number of defects (from 0 to 20)

(3) flavor and aroma (from 0 to 60)

(4) overall score  (from 0 to 100)


Grade A apple juice has:

(1) a good color and clarity

(2) practically free of defects

(3) very good flavor and aroma

(4) overall score >= 90


The method of preservation does not affect grade but may be important to some consumers. Methods of preservation include refrigeration or freezing, pasteurization and/or chemical additives.

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