The National Insitute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) of the British National Health Service listed signs and symptoms seen in pediatric patients with a urinary tract infection.


Patient selection: pediatric patient with urinary tract infection


Signs and symptoms may vary between differentage groups:

(1) infant < 3 months of age

(2) preverbal infant >= 3 months of age or child

(3) verbal (and able to complain)


General signs and symptoms:

(1) fever (absence of fever is not evidence against a UTI)

(2) nausea and vomiting

(3) poor feeding or loss of appetite

(4) failure to thrive or weight loss

(5) urinary frequency and/or dysfunctional voiding

(6) changes in continence (incontinence)

(7) jaundice


Signs of pain or discomfort:

(1) abdominal pain

(2) loin (flank) tenderness

(3) dysuria (if verbal)


Changes in behavior:

(1) lethargy

(2) irritability

(3) malaise (if verbal)


Changes in the urine:

(1) hematuria

(2) offensive odor

(3) cloudy appearance


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