The Upper Extremity Function Scale developed by Pransky et al is a self-administered questionnaire which can be used measure the impact of upper extremity disorders (UEDs) on a person's ability to perform physical tasks. It can be used to monitor the patient over time both to detect worsening of the condition due to occupational exposure and to assess response to therapeutic intervention.



Please indicate which of the following things you have difficulty in doing because of your symptoms. Circle the number that indicates how much difficulty you have with each activity.



• responses from 1 to 10

• 1 indicates no problem

•10 indicates a major problem; cannot do it at all


Activities (8):

(1) sleeping

(2) writing

(3) opening jars

(4) picking up small objects with fingers

(5) driving a car more than 30 minutes

(6) opening a door

(7) carrying milk jug from the refrigerator

(8) washing dishes


upper extremity function score =

= SUM(responses for all 8 questions)



• minimum score: 8

• maximum score: 80

• The higher the score the greater the disability.


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