Density is expressed in weight per volume. Metric units are preferred but in the United States the Ango-Saxon units are still widely used. The current implemented spreadsheet allows any combination of weight and volume.


Metric units of weight:

(1) microgram

(2) milligram

(3) gram

(4) kilograms


Metric units of volume:

(1) cubic millimeter (microliter)

(2) cubic centimeter (cc)

(3) cubic meter


Common expressions are grams per cubic centimeter and kilograms per cubic meter.


US (anglo-Saxon) units of weight:

(1) ounces (avoirdupois)

(2) pounds


US (Anglo-Saxon) units of volume:

(1) cubic inch

(2) cubic foot

(3) cubic yard


Common expressions are ounces per cubic inch and pounds per cubic foot.


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