An umbilical granuloma is a relatively common lesion in young infants.


Pathogenesis: pyogenic granuloma


Risk factors:

(1) umbilical infection

(2) recurrent umbilical inflammation


Clinical features:

(1) The umbilicus shows a soft, friable pedunculated lesion that is often pink or red.

(2) The lesion may drain a serous fluid.

(3) It may persist for several weeks.

(4) There is no evidence of cellulitis or rapid change unless there is superinfection.


Management may include:

(1) simple observation

(2) chemical cautery with silver nitrate

(3) surgical excision

(4) cryoablation

(5) application of salt



(1) superinfection

(2) burns on adjacent skin secondary to silver nitrate therapy of the granuloma


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