Hemorrhage into the cerebellum may occur in a neonate. Limperopoulos et al listed criteria for recognition of cerebellar hemorrhage on ultrasonography. The authors are from Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital.


Ultrasonography: visualize the posterior fossa


Features of cerebellar hemorrhage:

(1) unilateral or bilateral echodense areas within the cerebellar parenchyma of the hemispheres

(2) echodense areas within the vermis

(3) subsequent distortion of the cerebellar parenchyma (disruption of the folia, peripheral echogenic foci, central hypoechoic foci)


Differential diagnosis:

(1) Subarachnoid hemorrhage (often with blood in the fourth ventricle): echodensities surrounding the cerebellum but outside of the parenchyma.


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