Barber et al developed a United Kingdom score for end-stage liver disease (UKELD) score to evaluate patients waiting on a liver transplant list. This can help to identify a patient at increased risk for mortality. The authors are from UK Transplant Bristol, Addenbrooke's Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the United Kingdom.


(1) INR

(2) serum creatinine in µmol/L

(3) serum total bilirubin in µmol/L

(4) serum sodium in mmol/L


UKELD score =

= (5.395 * LN(INR)) + (1.485 * LN(serum creatinine)) + (3.13 * LN(serum total bilirubin)) - (81.565 * LN(serum sodium)) + 435


Additional points may need to be assigned for the presence of:

(1) hepatocellular carcinoma

(2) variant diseases



• The higher the UKELD score the greater the risk of mortality.

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