A rare complication of typhoid fever or systemic infection with a Salmonella species in glomerulonephritis.


A pediatric patient may be at increased risk for this otherwise rare complication.


Clinical features of the Salmonella infection:

(1) fever

(2) diarrhea

(3) extra-intestinal infection


Features of the glomerulonephritis:

(1) hypertension

(2) edema

(3) microscopic hematuria

(4) proteinuria

(5) azotemia


The diagnosis becomes simplified if Salmonella is isolated (from stool, blood or abscess) or if serologic testing is diagnostic. The diagnosis may be delayed if the presentation is atypical or if appropriate testing is not performed.


A renal biopsy is usually not performed.


The glomerulonephritis resolves with effective antibiotic therapy. However, antibiotic resistance may make therapy difficult or resolution delayed.


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