Fish hooks come in many shapes, sizes and styles.


Standard parts of a fish hook:

(1) eye

(2) shank

(3) bend

(4) point


The horizontal distance from the point to the shank is the gape.


The vertical distance from the lowest point in the bend to the level of the point is the bite or throat.


Parameters include:

(1) number of barbs

(2) number of hooks and arrangement

(3) size


A fish hook may:

(1) have no barbs (barbless)

(2) have a single barb at the point

(3) have additional barbs along the shank


A fish hook may:

(1) consist of a single hook

(2) have 2, 3 (treble) or 4 hooks in a cluster

(3) be arranged in a rig with several single hooks in a series

Hook Term


32 to 2

from smallest to mid-size


mid-size (for fish about 0.5 lbs)

1/0 to 27/0

from mid-size to huge


A 4/0 or 5/0 may be suitable for a 10 lb fish

A 6/0 or 7/0 may be suitable for a 25 lb fish.

A 27/0 can be used for 2,000 lb monster.


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