Drug diversion involves diverting a controlled medication from a legitimate use to an illicit one.


Motives for diversion of a controlled drug:

(1) personal use

(2) use by family or friends

(3) profit


Types of drug diversion:

(1) doctor shopping

(2) access from an Internet pharmacy without a legitimate prescription

(3) drug theft

(4) illicit prescription practices by health care providers

(5) selling own medications

(6) forging or modifying a prescription


Drug theft may be:

(1) from a pharmaceutical company

(2) from a pharmacy

(3) from a physician's office

(4) from hospital ward

(5) from a patient, often a relative

(6) from the mails or transport


Illicit prescription by a health care provider may be:

(1) for own personal use

(2) for sale


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