Allergic conjunctivitis can be separated into different types based on clinical features and disease severity.


Common features to all forms:

(1) itching

(2) some form of ocular discharge

(3) caused by an exposure to a triggering allergen


Acute types:

(1) seasonal allergic conjunctivitis

(2) perennial allergic conjunctivitis


Chronic type:

(1) atopic keratoconjunctivitis

(2) vernal keratoconjunctivitis


Mixed type

(1) giant papillary conjunctivitis (chronic allergic conjunctivitis and mechanical irritation)





seasonal "hay fever", chemosis, tearing and/or mucoid discharge, conjunctival injection, symptoms vary based on level of exposure to allergen


more year round


severe with involvement of lids; often associated with atopic dermatitis; usually perennial but may be worse in the winter


seasonal pattern, severe itching and inflammation, Trantas's dots, limbal gelatinous nodules, cobblestone papillae, shield ulcer, photophobia

giant papillary

giant papillae present


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