Some tumors may be associated with precocious puberty. This may be isosexual (findings appropriate for gender at puberty) or of the opposite sex (feminization in male, virilization of female). Early recognition of the tumor allows for early management when the tumor may be more manageabme, avoiding a delay in diagnosis.


Tumors secreting HCG:

(1 ) germ cell tumor (embryonal carcinoma, choriocarcinoma, yolk sac tumor, teratoma, mixed)

(2) hepatoblastoma


Tumors secreting estrogen and/or testosterone and/or percursor steroids:

(1) granulosa cell tumors (juvenile granulosa cell tumor, granulosa theca cell tumor)

(2) Leydig cell tumor

(3) Sertoli cell tumor

(4) Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor

(5) adrenocortical carcinoma


Premature production of gonadotropins:

(1) hypothalamic-chiasmic glioma

(2) pilocytic astrocytoma

(3) pineal gland tumor (PNET, germ cell tumor, other)

(4) craniopharyngioma

(5) ependymoma


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