Troponin is a complex composed of 3 proteins (troponin C, troponin I, troponin T) mediating interaction between myosin and actin. One of these proteins is troponin T. A cardiac specific form of troponin T is present which is released into the serum when myocyte injury occurs.


Reference range in serum: 0 - 0.1 µg/L



Timing After AMI

earliest increase

4 - 6 hours

peak level

10 - 24 hours

return to normal

10 - 15 days



• increased levels may occur in severe muscle injury due to cross-reactivity with skeletal muscle troponin, but this should be less frequent with more specific (second generation) assays

• increased levels can occur in some patients with renal failure (uremia)



• sensitivity: > 98%

• specificity: 80%

• Serial monitoring more useful than single determinations.


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