An exacerbation of psoriasis may be triggered by a number of factors. The occurrence of lesions at the site of trauma is termed Koebner's phenomenon.


Dermatologic condition:

(1) dermatitis

(2) lichen planus

(3) pityriasis rosea

(4) vitiligo



(1) lithium

(2) beta-blockers

(3) ACE inhibitors

(4) withdrawal of steroid therapy

(5) withdrawal of immunosuppressive therapy


Environmental factors:

(1) exposure to cold

(2) burn (thermal or chemical)

(3) skin irritant

(4) photosensitivity

(5) electric shock



(1) Group A beta hemolytic streptococcus

(2) HIV infection

(3) chickenpox or shingles (Herpes zoster)

(4) furuncles


Physical trauma:

(1) abrasion, scrape, scratch or laceration

(2) bite

(3) acupuncture

(4) tattoos

(5) skin test or vaccination

(6) removal of tape

(7) incision or surgical site

(8) shaving

(9) pressure

(10) rubbing or excoriation

(11) contusion or blunt injury



(1) stress


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