Trichomycosis axillaries is an uncommon infection associated with axillary malodor.


Causative organisms: Corynebacterium tenuis, others


Risk factors:

(1) obesity

(2) hyperhidrosis

(3) an environment that is hot and warm

(4) poor local hygiene

(5) male gender (odor related to bacterial metabolism of testosterone)


Clinical features:

(1) Axillary hair appears to be dirty and discolored.

(2) The axillae have a rancid odor.

(3) Examination with a Wood's lamp shows a soft fluorescence.


Microscopic examination of the hair shows concretions surrounding each axillary hair that may be red, black, or yellow.


The hair can be cultured to identify the causative organism but patients can often be treated based on clinical findings.


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