The Triage Sieve can be used to quickly triage patients when at the scene of a multiple casualty incident.


Cold or Poor Lighting

Triage Category



priority 3 (delayed)

not breathing with an open airway



respiratory rate < 10 or > 29 breaths per minute


priority 1 (immediate)

capillary refill <= 2 seconds

pulse <= 120 beats/minute

priority 2 (urgent)

capillary refill > 2 seconds

pulse > 120 beats/

priority 1 (immediate)



• The capillary refill was given as < 2 vs > 2 seconds. I made it "<=" 2 seconds.



• The sensitivity was low at 45%, with specificity about 88%.

• Counting respirations may be difficult in a fully clothed person and in poor lighting conditions.


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