Prachand et al proposed a scoring system for Medically Necessary, Time-Sensitive (MeNTS) procedures that would aid decision making when manage scarce resources or increased risk. This consists of 3 subscores - procedure, disease and patient. The authors are from the University of Chicago.

Patient selection: candidate for non-emergency, medically-necessary, time-sensitive procedure



(1) procedure, from 7 to 35

(2) disease, from 6 to 30

(3) patient, from 8 to 40


total score =

= SUM(points for all 3 subscores)



• minimum score: 21

• maximum score: 105

• The higher the score, the greater the issues with performing the procedure.

• Based on the institution then different cutoffs can be used to define 3 categories - appropriate to perform, perform based on resources, and procedure not justified.

• Alternatively, all pending cases can be sorted based on the total MeNTS score, then scheduled.

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