A trauma patient may be triaged to a burn unit if certain findings are present.


Criteria for triage of a patient to a burn unit:

(1) third degree (full thickness) burns (any age, with no threshold mentioned)

(2) second degree (partial thickness) burns > 10% body surface area (any age)

(3) child with second degree burns of any extent in a hospital without qualified personnel or special equipment for handling burns

(4) burns involving special areas (face, hands, feet, genitalia, perineum, major joints)

(5) chemical burns

(6) electrical or lightning injuries

(7) inhalation injury

(8) significant comorbid conditions that could complicate the course

(9) significant social and/or emotional factors

(10) trauma patient for whom the burn injury is more serious than other traumatic injuries


A burn patient with other traumatic injuries may be stabilized first at a trauma center prior to transfer to the burn unit.


Ideally the specific criteria and requirements for transfer between a triage location and a burn unit should be placed in writing.


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