Durand et al measured sarcopenia in patients with cirrhosis. The ratio of the psoas muscle thickness in a CT scan to height is associated with prognosis. The authors are from Hospital Beaujon, Hospital Bichat, and Universite Paris Diderot in France.

Patient selection: cirrhosis


Analysis: CT scan at the level of the umbilicus; axial thickness of psoas was in AP axis with transverse measure perpendicular (parallel to exam table)



(1) transverse psoas muscle thickness (TPMT) in mm at the level of the umbilicus

(2) body height in meters


TPMT to height ratio =

= (TPMT in mm) / (height in meters)



• A ratio from 27 to 32 was associated with a neglible relative risk of death.

• A decline in the ratio was associated with increased mortality.

• In patients with refractory ascites a ration < 16.8 was associated with significant mortality.

• The ratio can be used in conjunction with MELD and MELD-Na.

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