A transdermal therapeutic system (patch) may be used for continuous, slow delivery of different medications. Certain general instructions apply to their use.

General instructions:

(1) Be sure the point of application is clean, dry, unbroken skin. No lesion should be present.

(2) The person should wash her/is hands with soap and water after handling and applying the patch.

(3) The person should be familiar with indications for premature removal of the patch.

(4) The person should not have more than 1 patch in place at any one time.

(5) A spent patch should be disposed of carefully so it cannot be handled by children or animals.

(6) After removal and disposal of the patch the site and hands should be washed with soap and water.



(1) Rubbing the eye with a finger after handling a transdermal scopolamine and not washing the hands can result in a fixed, dilated pupil with blurred vision.

(2) A nicotine patch contains enough nicotine to poison a small child or pet.

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