Wernovsky et al calculated the total inotropic score (IS) in neonates and infants undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass and circulatory arrest. The authors are from Children's Hospital and Harvard University in Boston.



(1) body weight of the patient in kilograms

(2) dose of dopamine in µg per minute

(3) dose of dobutamine in µg per minute

(4) epinephrine dose in µg per minute


inotrope equivalence of epinephrine in µg per minute =

= 10 µg per minute for each 0.1 µg per minute =

= 100 * (epinephrine dose in µg per minute)


inotropic score in µg per kg per min =

= ((dose of dopamine) + (dose of dobutamine) + (inotropic equivalence for epinephrine)) / (body weigh in kilograms)



• The higher the total inotropic score the greater the need for inotropic support.


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