The torus palatinus is a benign exostosis (torus) that occurs on the hard palate.


Features of the torus palatinus

(1) It is a benign exostosis that occurs as a hard exophytic mass.

(2) It occurs along the midline suture of the hard palate

(3) It may be classified based on shape (flat, lobular, nodular, spindle).

(4) It tends to be more common in males, in the elderly and in some ethnic groups.


Diagnosis requires exclusion of other disorders:

(1) bone tumor

(2) osteomyelitis (which can develop in a torus)

(3) other tumors

(4) reaction to a foreign body


The lesion does not need to be removed unless there is doubt about the diagnosis or if it is causing complications.


Complications may include:

(1) interference with intubation

(2) interference with intra-oral prosthesis lying agains the hard palate


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