Thyrotoxicosis may be associated with high output heart failure. A patient with thyrotoxicosis may develop dilated cardiomyopathy that is potentially reversible if managed properly and fatal if it is not.


Clinical features:

(1) The patient has evidence of thyrotoxicosis although the patient may first present with the cardiomyopathy.

(2) The patient develops heart failure.

(3) The heart is typically dilated.

(4) The patient has atrial fibrillation or other tachyarrhythmia.

(5) The cardiac function typically improves if normal thyroid function can be restored.



(1) There is a potential risk for sudden death even if previousy young and healthy.

(2) The patient may experience a profound drop in cardiac output and blood pressure if treated with beta-blockers.

(3) The patient should be managed in the intensive care unit (ICU).


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