Goodman et al developed a brief instrument to evaluate a patient for evidence of obsessive and/or compulsive behaviors. This can help monitor a patient's response to interventions. The authors are from Yale and Brown Universities.


There are 5 items on obsessions and 5 items on compulsions, with the wording similar for the 5 statements.


Responses a scored from 0 (good) to 4 (poor).


subscore for obsessions =

= SUM(points for items 1 to 5)


subscore for compulsions =

= SUM(points for items 6 to 10)


total score =

= SUM(points for all 10 items)



• minimum score for each subscore and total score: 0

• maximum subscore: 20

• maximum total score: 40

• The higher the score, the more severe the symptoms.



• The inter-rater reliability was excellent.

• There is good internal consistency, with the Cronbach alpha around 0.90.


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