Lo et al developed a patient questionnaire for evaluating the impact of shoulder osteoarthritis on a patient's quality of life. This can be used to monitor the effectiveness of interventions over time. The authors are from the University of Western Ontario in Canada.


NOTE: Clinical use of the form requires permission of the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic in Ontario.



(1) physical symptoms (items 1-6)

(2) impact on sports, recreation and work (items 7-11)

(3) lifestyle (items 12-16)

(4) emotions (items 17-19)


The instrument consists of 19 questions.


Scoring: from 0 to 100, based on the distance along a 100 mm (10 cm) visual analogue scale (VAS).


Response Along VAS







total score =

= SUM(points for all 19 items)


total score as percent of maximum illness =

= (total score) / 1900 * 100%


total score as percent of normal =

= 100% - (total score as percent of maximum illness)


Subscores can also be determined for each of the 4 domains.



• minimum total score: 0

• maximum total score: 1900

• maximum total score as percent of maximum illness: 100%



• The index looks applicable to other shoulder conditions other than osteoarthritis.

• Validity was demonstrated by correlating with existing measures of shoulder and global status as well as range of motion studies.

• The index is responsive to change.


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